Maharashtra Tourism The Insider’s Travel Guide

Maharashtra resembles a major canvas painted with particular hues and examples to offer an amiable picture for the world to see. Advanced with multi-toned culture and transcendent history, Maharashtra includes permanent appeal in a nation that is as various as India. From its good humored people moves and music to its tasteful food, from its charming engineering to its dazzling workmanship and art, Maharashtra has a made a world brimming with open door for travel devotees to investigate. This unimaginable express that houses some portion of the Western Ghats; an area that makes acclaimed Kolhapuri Chappals; a masses that invites Lord Ganesha like no other Indian state can; AND a land that is home to one of the biggest film businesses on the planet, BOLLYWOOD, it has something for everybody! So right away, let us dive further into this land and discover the components that makes it such an attractive place for pioneers! Also Visit: Maharashtra Tours

Maharashtra Tours

Maharashtra for Leisure Tourists:

The condition of Maharashtra is a perfect place for relaxation travelers. There are various fascinating goals in the state huge numbers of which are arranged in quiet and tranquil conditions, offering explorers the ideal mood to unwind and loosen up. Here are a few places that a recreation searcher would love to visit:


Bhatye is a country zone on suburbia of Ratnagiri town. In any case, because of Bhatye’s quiet area and its separation from the rushing about of the city, a few resorts have been built up here for the recreation searchers. One can camp over the extension in MTDC’s tent resort, in the midst of whispering casuarinas and appreciate water sports. Likewise, one can go on a trip to Pawas to see the well known Swaroopanand Swami Ashram from here.



Tucked in the Western Ghats, Igatpuri is a little town that is a long way from the clamoring urban communities and figured out how to keep up its serenity. Obviously that Igatpuri is a delightful place that is as yet untouched and this reality has prompted the recreation searchers to invest energy here. There are many resorts that surface here for giving voyagers an agreeable and advantageous remain. At Igatpuri, the visitors likewise have the chance to practice age-old type of contemplation called Vipassana, which positively can possibly change your viewpoint towards life. Igatpuri is an impeccable place to unwind and submit to extravagance.

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On one’s recreation trip, it is very likely that one may chance upon something selective. Lonar, a residential area on the edges is known for its huge cavity (world’s third biggest pit), which was shaped from the effect of a shooting star that fell here. Today, this cavity is filled water and its encompassing region has formed into a rich woodland that havens a few types of vegetation. Along these lines, Lonar is currently a well known visitor goal and is ideal for those looking for an affair that has enduring impression. One can book in the MTDC resorts here; notwithstanding, propel booking is required.

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Maharashtra for Wildlife Tourists:

The rich geography of Maharashtra implies that you will discover numerous types of verdure. The state offers natural life devotees a great time as they can investigate its rich untamed life havens and woodland zones. Here is Maharashtra that invites natural life enthusiasts with open arms: Also Visit: Nashik Vineyard Tour

Tadoba National Park:

Frequently alluded to as “The Jewel of Vidharba”, the Tadoba National Park is the biggest natural life save in Maharashtra. The recreation center lies in the locale of Chandrapur in the north-eastern piece of Maharashtra and is spread over a range of 624 sq km. Tadoba is the fortune trove of incalculable types of verdure and is home to some imperiled species like tigers, wild pooches, and sloth bear. Puma, hyena, jackal, buffalo, woofing deer, sambar, and cheatal are some different creatures found in Tadoba National Park.

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Chikhaldara is a little town arranged in the Amravati locale of Maharashtra. Figured to be where Bheema (one of the Pandavas from the epic Maharashtra) slaughtered Keechaka. Chikhaldara is a delightful slope station and because of its closeness to Melghat Tiger Project, it possesses large amounts of untamed life too. Alongside a few types of verdure, countless species, for example, Tiger, Leopard, Sloth bear, Wild puppy, Jackal, Sambar, Indian Bison, Barking Deer, Blue Bull, Spotted Deer, Chausingha, Ratel, Flying Squirrel, Wild Boar, Langur, Rhesus Monkey, Porcupine, Pangolin and Mouse deer can be found here.

Pench National Park:

Maharashtra covers Pench National Park that stretches out over a territory of 257 sq. km. in the lower southern spans of the Satpura slope ranges, along the northern limit of Nagpur District. The recreation center, which gets its name from the Pench River, has a rich biodiversity. It has a territory that is characterized by slopes, valleys and a couple of steep slants; Pench is a pivotal biological community that backings plenitude of verdure. The national stop has four distinctive woods locales that asylum countless, herbs and bushes alongside 33 types of warm blooded animals, 164 types of flying creatures, 50 types of fish, 10 types of creatures of land and water, and 30 types of reptiles. Pench is a perfect place for naturalists, ornithologists and untamed life lovers.

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary:

Bor Wildlife Sanctuary:

Situated close Mangi in Wardha region of Maharashtra, Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is yet another placefor widely varied vegetation in the state. The asylum is additionally really popular for its dam, which is famously known as Bor Dam. The zone around the dam is an incredible cookout spot and, where one may likewise have the capacity to detect a wide range of untamed life. Bor Wildlife Sanctuary is home to species like sambhar, cheetal, woofing deer, nilgai, tigers, panthers, and wild canines. Likewise, the asylum is home to 160 types of avifauna and is without a doubt the birdwatchers heaven. Also Visit: Lonavala Mahabaleshwar Package


The wilderness resort of Dajipur is arranged on the fringe of Kolhapur and Sindhudurg locale in Maharashtra. The resort is settled in the midst of rough mountains and thick woods; this isolates little place is totally cut-off from human environment. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the Indian buffalo, deer, chital, gawa and couple of more types of wild creatures and fowls. At a short separation from the resort is the Gagangiri Maharaj’s Math which makes for a lovely trip. This beautiful resort is close to the backwaters of the Radhanagari Dam and is an impeccable place for untamed life significant others and nature lovers.

Nawegaon Badh:

Nawegaon is Vidarbha’s most prevalent timberland resort. There is a pleasant lake amidst slope ranges with watchtowers that empower guests to view natural life. Additionally, Nawegaon has around 60% of the flying creature species found in Maharashtra. Each winter, vast herds of transitory ducks visit the lake. One can likewise appreciate wilderness safaris and get a chance to sight panther, sloth bear, gaur, sambar, chital or langoor. The one of a kind tree-best withdraw and power or sail drifting are the additional advantages of this place.

Maharashtra for Adventure Lovers

We can in no way, shape or form overlook that Maharashtra is the place where there is Shivaji Maharaj, so experience is not another term for this state. Obviously, with evolving time, the importance of enterprise has changed as we no longer test adversaries with swords and gun balls. Today enterprise is for the most part about battling one’s own particular feelings of dread and testing one’s bore for which Maharashtra offers plentiful of chances. Here is the rundown of spots where you likewise can challenge your quality and appreciate some incredible experience sports:



Panshet is the best place for experience that Maharashtra brings to the table to you. Situated around 50kms from Pune, Panshet offers a plenty of water games like Kayaking, windsurfing, speedboat rides and water bike rides to experience significant others. Aside from that, you can visit Sinhagad post and Sinhagad National stop, Khadakvasla and the fortifications of Torna and Raigad. Also Visit: Pune Mahabaleshwar Shirdi Package


Kolad is to Maharashtra what Rishikesh is to Uttarakhand and Coorg is to Karnataka. Kolad is among the main five spots for white water waterway rafting in India. Kolad is likewise known for its waterfalls and is arranged on the Sahyadri mountain go in Raigad locale of Maharashtra. Kolad became a force to be reckoned with after it was found by trekkers, rafting was yet another element that got it to limelightTrekking Kolad amid the rainstorm season adds to the appeal as the scene stays secured under a green cover. The Kundalika River is the principle fascination of Kolad on which one can appreciate white water rafting.

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